Do you attend Burlesque and Cabaret shows in the UK?
Are you interested in extravagant costume and dressing up?
Are you a Burlesque performer who wears fabulous costumes?
Do you make costumes for yourself or others for Burlesque events?
If any of these apply to you we would love to speak to you. All genders welcome.

Participants will be invited to speak to us in small groups or individually about their experience of extravagant costume, transformation and identity in the UK Burlesque scene. A participant fee of £50 contributes to your time and any expenses incurred (such as childcare).

Register your interest here:

The core project team comprises four white cis women, working with UK-based industry partners and advisors who are paid for their time. The project’s academic steering group includes a paid trans consultant with whom we have co-developed our research methods. See Team page for more info and please get in touch if you have any questions about the racialised, classed based or other dynamics of the research activities.